Thursday , January 21 2021

Your Model 3 does not love you



It's not you, it's Model 3

Last week, my wife and I were at the Tesla gallery where she took the Tesla Model 3 for a test drive before it was bought. The experience was going well and she absolutely adored the car. Eventually I managed to convince her to give me a few minutes behind the wheel. So generous of her. But that's not what it is vital the public service announcement is about.

As I drove my car back to the gallery, I noticed that a pair of young men turned back from another Model 3. Standing beside them, a Tesla employee looked completely confused while watching something on his phone. I initially assumed they were checking the width of the vehicle. Or maybe they were exploring the usable space on the boot. So I did not think about it and parked our car with two stalls.

Our Gallery Association has begun to show us some additional features of the operating system and navigation we've been asking. At some point during my demonstration, I looked into the rear-view mirror and saw that the band was now behind ours test vehicle. They seemed to wrap our hands around the back of our car. At that point I had a pretty good idea what was going on.

Tesla model 3

Friends do not allow friends to embrace Teslas

When we got out of the car, I looked at them and grinned.

"You're probably wondering why we're hugging the car." One of us told us when we went out: "Well, we saw a video that if you hug the car just the secret port opens to the right. Shows a heart. We can not make it work.

A week or two before the publication passed around the net, that model 3 had a secret pulsing "heart" egg from Easter. This could be found by hugging your arms around the car to embrace it. I had to be bad news. "Yes, I saw it too." I told him, "It's a fake … Model 3 has no heart."

I saw the disappointment of his face. But I was hoping I helped him save him from future inconvenience. In fact, it was not the first person I had to say. A friend of mine sent me a picture of the alleged heart of the harbor about a week before telling me to hug his car when we took ours.

I'm not surprised that people have taken a serious post. Tesla is often playful in this way, incorporating entertaining software or hidden modes. But software and games are one thing. Add a motorized port to any Model 3 just to get out of Model 3 with a throbbing heart? It's unlikely to happen anytime.

If for some reason you still do not believe me, check the video above teslaOS,

Also, you absolutely can not load your EW by placing it in the microwave. I do not think it has happened yet. But now I wanted to tear him off.

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