Monday , September 27 2021

10-year-old girl who has breast cancer: "This experience has accepted me that I have never fainted"

Breast cancer is a disease that is more and more common among women in the world and his early diagnosis helps to avoid a tragic end.

What is not common with this disease, is that they are attacking the children, However, Crisis TurnnR, Little Utah, USA, was an exception.

The youngest was only 8 when she complained of pain under her right nipple. Her father took her to the doctor and inside November 2015 was diagnosed with breast carcinoma, a rare type of cancer that affects one person per million.

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But the girl and his family struggled, and after two years she was fine.

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"This experience taught me to go on and never give up By my cancer I learned how important the family is and that we should enjoy every second of this life I love to spend time with family and friends and just have fun" , Crisis told People.

"Criss has a bright spirit with her wherever she goes … She teaches other people, especially women diagnosed with breast cancer, to embrace life and focus on good," her mother said.

The little girl has to watch the illness all her life and hopes to lead a normal life. Besides, she knows that in puberty she will have to undergo another surgery to restore her incised breast.

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