Tuesday , June 15 2021

10 years ago: Maluco recalled a major catastrophe in Hombre al Agua, which left him four years in 5 days | Television and broadcasts

It was ten years ago when TVN launched its program for extreme games Man on waterwhere participants had to face various obstacles in a giant pool.

One of the contestants was an ecco mekano Luciano Cardzo, better known as "Maluko", suffered a severe accident during one of the tests. This is what he remembered in his recent visit at the end of the year Do not blame the night,

"I hurt my spine. I did not feel anything, I did not feel the body. I was tetralplegic for 5 days. It was crazy, described for the consequences that led to the fall from a height of four meters.

When he fell into the water, the diver came quickly to save him. He asked, "Can you move?" I just made signs with his eyes (…) I did not feel anything ", remember this horrible day.

Capture TVN

Capture TVN

After the surgery, Maluko pointed out that he was slowly starting to move and restore his sensitivity. "The doctor told me," Getting out of bed will take about seven months "described for the intervention.

After 6 months of rehabilitation, exchico mekano He managed to cure the serious consequence that the blow on his head had led him, and that certainly did not count twice.

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