Thursday , June 24 2021

20% could reduce prepaid tariffs due to the reduction in operating charges for mobile phone companies

80% will reduce average rates for interconnection services or access charges that are paid between all mobile companies each time the user ends a call with another network.

After announcing the measure, Transport and Telecommunications Minister Gloria Hutt said this "This historic reduction in mobile access charges will be one of the most important changes in tariffs in the sector."

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For her part, Deputy Telecommunications Minister Pamela Gidey said that "we are very pleased with the new mobile access tariff because we have completed a very rigorous process and this is regulated by law." All moving actors to establish this new course, which will undoubtedly mark before and after expanding competition on our country's mobile market ",

"Reducing access charges means significant savings in the operating costs of smaller mobile operators, which is why we, like Subtel, We hope that in the short term we will see new offers for prepaid prices, and that today it costs about 60 pesos a minute, and that this new value can be reduced by about 20% of the final rate, "added Gidey.

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The new access fee will be $ 1.8 per minute for the next five years, as this new value does not include a gradual decrease as previous processes. The current average is $ 8.7 per minute, which means a reduction of about 80%.

Meanwhile, Chile was among the top ten in the OSCE countries, but With a new value of $ 1.8, Chile will go up in the rankings, setting itself the head of the most advanced countries.

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