Monday , January 18 2021

$ 30 million will cost ethics classes that Penta owners will receive for 8 months

In July of this year Carlos Alberto Dellaño and Carlos Eugeneio Lavin, owners of Penta, were convicted of tax crimes up to four years in prison as a result of intense probation after the Penta trial. In addition, they were sentenced to a fine of 857 million pesos for everyone conduct ethics classes,

At this last point, the details of the classes that the Penta owners would receive were ascertained, a report from the gendarmerie sent by Santiago's Eighth Guarantor Court as verified The third,

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The document details that the course will have a duration of 100 hours in which it will be taught 33 weeks from 4 April to 13 December 2019, Friday between 9:30 and 12:30 in the morning. Adolfo Ibanez University (UAI) and they will cost $ 30 million,

"As far as the methodology of the research is concerned, this will be directed towards the development of critical thinking from classroom implementation, an example of which will be the encouragement of the discussion and active participation of Mr Carlos Deolano and Mr Carlos Lavin," .

Entrepreneurs will have two-module chairs; called one Applied common ethics and the other Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

In terms of classes, they will have 15 professors from the university and will be dictated only by them.

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