Tuesday , January 26 2021

6 useful features on your iPhone and Android cell that you might not know

You have a cell phone for years, but are you sure you have already found all the tricks you hide? We will see.

The mobile phone you have in your hand has gone through years and years of evolution and research to become the most useful gadget you can find, although in reality your mobile phone iPhone or Android It has more features than you can imagine. Here we are telling you some of the least familiar.

The features of your mobile phone that you probably did not know

Navigate with the iPhone keyboard

That was it @krissys_kitchen on Twitter, who shared a trick with a simple tweet. No one was expected to become viral to such an extent that he did. And obviously, the vast majority of people did not know this "secret". It's simple, there is not much science and still promises to do the simplest life for many people

Read in the dark without hitting your eyes

People who use Android have a simple solution that will allow them to read at night without harming their eyesight. They can use night mode (it is activated in the on-screen menu). Another thing you can do is go Accessibility menu on your mobile phone and activate the negative mode. Everything will look very strange but will be much healthier for your eyes at night.

Capture the screen without pressing buttons

This works only on some mobile phones. You can make screenshots without pushing anything by just handing your hand on the screen from right to left. To activate this feature, go to "Settings" and from there to the Traffic and Traffic menu if it appears on your mobile phone.

Ctrl + Z on iPhone

If you've accidentally deleted something that you should not, you can undo it as in the classic "Ctrl + Z" on your computer. All you have to do is shake your iPhone and a button will appear cancel the last move.

Program your mobile phone to turn off

It's something like thatLike the timer you can put on your TV. If your mobile phone is an iPhone, go to Settings and then accessibility. Then "on and off". Now set the time you want your phone to turn itself on and off.

Another iPhone … improves your signal

If you're out of town and the signal coming to the iPhone is terrible, there's a way to improve everything. Put this code as if you were calling * 3370 # and the Enhanced Full Rate mode will light up. In this way the signal will improve radically. To disable it, paste the same code. Important: When this mode is activated, your battery will be much faster because it's not all luck.

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