Friday , May 7 2021

68% of Chilean leaders believe the economy is progressing

The economic question has taken the agenda of the last few weeks because, although macro and micro-figures show growth in activity, investment and consumption, the feeling is that the best times have not come for everyone.

In any case, it did not help in September that the adoption of Imacec at 2.3% – the lowest of the year – nor the unemployment figures for July-August-September, moving quarters of 7.1%.

The questions triggered a rapid response from the government. Economy Minister Jose Ramón Valente initiated a series of presentations in seminars, radio, television, and print writing, acknowledging that the problem was not in figures, but did not realize that they had to be explained.

But what do those who run the business world in Chile think about the economy? Together with the selection of the most prominent figures of the year in the business world, the survey conducted by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Ibáñez University – involving nearly 400 business people, directors and company executives – also examines the country's economy.

Their results show that this group has a more optimistic idea of ​​what is happening in Chile. In fact, when asked how they see the current state of the economy, 68.1% say the country is making progress, 29.3% believe that the economy is stagnant and 2.6% are behind.

On the question of how they see prospects for the future, the mood becomes more optimistic, as 81.4% of respondents believe that the economy will develop in the next 12 months.

When asked about the reality of their business environment, responses are optimistic. 68% think the company's overall economic performance is very good or good, 23.3% is regular and 5.9% is bad or very bad.

Similar to the economic situation in the country, they estimate that in the next 12 months the reality of their companies will be better. In fact, 80.4% believe it will be very good and 14.9% on a regular basis.

When efforts will be concentrated

The Chilean company management teams have already determined what they will focus their efforts over the next 12 months. According to the survey conducted by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Ibáñez, 23% of companies will focus on competitiveness, economy and trade.

New technologies are also a problem affecting them, with 21.8% combining their efforts in digital transformation, innovation programs of their operations and cost-effectiveness.

The third item on the scale of concerns is the regulatory issue. According to the survey, 10.3% of respondents believe that the main efforts and resources will focus on changes in the regulatory framework, legal certainty.

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