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73 injuries, malnutrition and burns: the background of the death of a 7-year-old girl in Puente Alto | national

On Tuesday, the prosecutor's office formalized accusations against a woman accused of killing her 7-year-old daughter in Puente Alto, in a hearing where she pointed to details of the injuries found in the minor.

Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor Jane Pasteur presented the background that is part of the investigative portfolio. In this context, he assured that girl died due to multiple traumaproduct of fists and legs.

After the examination of his body he was found 73 injuries between old and new.

The girl also had burns in the glutaneous and genital area that would have been caused during one of the last episodes of violence when the mother did not I would sit on two burners from the kitchen when you find a waistcoat in a drawer.

The pursuer provided more details about the preliminary reports produced by the legal medical service and claimed that one of the established old injuries was a fracture in the collarbone.

Defense lawyer Ximena Silva said her client was innocent and said the couple from the biological mother and father of the other two minor children Mauricio Silva Ulloa was the author or co-author of the minor's trauma and threatened the death of Margaret Jerez, if he does not admit himself guilty of that fact.

In this line he said the younger father's second father would beat her and lock her in a bath.

Childhood defender Patricia Munoz confirmed that the child was known in the center of Sename and said she had sued all those responsible for the girl's death.

As for the other Jerez children aged 1 and 4, they would not care for the biological father; while the woman will remain at San Miguel Women's Penitentiary Center in the 120 days appointed by the judge as an investigative term.

This article describes a running trial

Taxes are likely to be rejected at the end of the investigation, for that reason The defendant should not be held guilty while justice dictates a court against him.
(Article 04 of the CCP)

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