Friday , September 24 2021

A collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle left him dead in La Serena

The unfortunate road accident was recorded late on Tuesday evening in La Serena.

It was a collision of a high-energy car between the HXXT 83 patent and the JYJ17 motorcycle, which is located at the intersection of the Amunátegui streets with Coquimbo regiment, to the Salesianos School.

According to the information provided by Carabineros, the driver drives along Amunátegui Street to the west when hit by a private car that crossed east of Regimiento Coquimbo. After the collision the car hit the grate in the parking lot.

Due to the strong influence, the motorcycle driver was seriously injured and was assisted by the SAMU staff who performed the resuscitation tasks and their subsequent transfer to the La Serena hospital, where he was at risk. While the driver of a particular vehicle has not caused injury.

With the expiration of the protocol, the death of the driver was confirmed, which failed to survive severe injuries despite the work of the medical staff at La Serena Hospital.

Carabineros forwarded the information to the prosecutor's office, which organized the presence of the SIAT staff, to fulfill the relevant skills and to determine the reasons for the unfortunate event.

With the expiration of the protocol, it was confirmed by the deceased, who was identified as Raul Cartes Mendoza.

Neighbors in the sector called on the authorities to take action on trafficking in the area, as road traffic accidents often occur at this intersection, which is why semafor is needed. 5801

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