Thursday , June 24 2021

A dramatic operation to save 7 people on the beach and even mobilize a helicopter

"Hang on, hold on," cried a man girls who have been dragged by the current on La Boca de Concón beach and forced to deploy a rescue operation.

They were seven people who were brought into the sea from the beach in an area that is not suitable for bathers, but despite the signs and signs, he decides to risk.

At first there were no problems, so they gained confidence and they entered more and more At sea the complications started.

Is this it The power of the wave is used by surfers practicing sport, but the rest, especially children and people who are not swimmers, can easily be swept away by the current.

So it happened to these seven men who had to be saved by operative, who, besides the specialized staff, counted helicopters,

According to the reality of the second Corporal, Sandro Reyes, the savior of swimming The girl was the most serious because she was suffering from a panic attack, which made the maneuver difficult. "

And this is, as seen in the attached video, the fear provoked this their people were hard to take from the anchors though they finally managed to get out of the sea.

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