Monday , September 27 2021

A family toilet in their house and a winning lottery ticket is open

Couple from Louisiana, United States, cleaned at home as they expected Thanksgiving visits when they found a treasure: they found a winning lottery ticket $ 1.8 million,

Harold and Tina Erenberg They found the numbers obtained by the fat man in the withdrawal of the state lottery on June 6, well worth more than 1200 million Chilean pesos, as reported by today,

The dinner is on Thursday, and Tina said "I cleaned the house and found it some lottery tickets on my night table that we had not checked out"Having reviewed them on the lottery's website, they almost went back.

Their success was that they only had two weeks to win the prize before the 180-day limit for which they had to do so. After taxes, Erenberg returns home $ 1.27 million (850 million pesos),

What madness or dream will the lucky winners encounter? "We do not intend to buy anything crazy or make a big trip"Tina explained.

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