Wednesday , July 28 2021

A person who saves a beating dog stabbing a micro at Ikeke National

On Wednesday evening, a 41-year-old man who saved a dog from a dog finally stabbing in the square of Condell de Iquique, in the Tarapacá region.

The incident happened at about 8:30 am, an attack on the affected it was over, but beyond the vital danger and emergency hospitalization at the Ikeke Regional Hospital.

According to information provided by the investigating police (IDP), the victim, when aware of the situation, faces him and discusses with the aggressor.

Finally, he grabbed the dog and climbed onto the micro, a machine the attacker followed, and gave him two punches, one in the chest and one in the head,

The same driver He was in charge of taking him to the care center to get medical help.

Although the aggressor has escaped, a person who may be a perpetrator has been detained by the Carabineros staff of Avenida Arturo Prat. That was it bleeding is detectedwith a knife in his power.

The State Ministry instructed Brigade for murders from NPI to investigate the fact.

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