Thursday , November 26 2020

A wide variety of TV evenings

Apparently something is getting more and more fun in the evening. We used to talk only about Mega as the only option and therefore the only winner. Now, while it is true that Mega continues to score, it is no longer the only option (national production). For a while, Rojo has been integrated by TVN and is now a new Chilean production, La Reina de Franklin, on the Canal 13 screen. Indifferent to the setup results, it is not equivalent, making it more adrenaline in the afternoon,

The competition is always good, the demand for the public is getting bigger and is no longer satisfied with the only evening TV they are accustomed to. With the return of Javier Contador and Claudia Di Girolamo to telemarms in 13th place, it gives the feeling that the 20-hour space is reborn, and they start fighting the remote control in the house to watch "a la carte" "Depending on each family member.

The younger and the lovers of music "grid" with "red", the more adults want to see the "nun" on one side and now "Yoli" on the other side and there are always those who are not even there with the counter and they have a lot of fun with the madness of Malf, on the screen of the upgraded TV +.

I like the channels going back to competing, as it happened in the past on TV. This was very necessary for the industry, although I insist, maybe the tuning will continue to be led by Mega, but we need to have different products so we can choose and go into pure Turkish productions.

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