Thursday , December 3 2020

A woman dies after being left wounded and naked

A mysterious and tragic police incident was announced on Saturday after a neighbor from La Pintana discovered a naked woman with a lot of injuries in the middle of the public artery, particularly on Frescia Street.

Commissioner Angel Jack, from the AIP Investigation Brigade, explained that they were investigating to find the person's identity because he did not have documentation, but because he described it as a woman between the ages of 36 and 44.

He was a neighbor of the place that went to water his garden, who found her and asked for help, but the woman died at about 8:00 am despite the effort.

The only thing he managed to say before he died was "raped me," according to a witness.

The woman was found with serious injuries to her body and, in the hypothesis, she was believed to have been hit by her attacker after she was taken off the road.

Investigating Police, PDI, is investigating finding the person responsible for the crime.

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