Wednesday , January 20 2021

A woman was found dead in her apartment: neighbors have warned of a bad smell national

A woman was found dead in a compartment at the block of Carlos Posea Veliz and the Quinta Normal Cathedral.

The body was discovered after the neighbors felt a bad smell emanating from the house. They did not know about the deceased for a week.

The body was discovered by volunteer firefighters who arrived at the site.

According to Carabinero, the woman suffers from schizophrenia and other illnesses and does not keep in touch with her relatives.

"In order to determine whether there is a third party involvement, we gather evidence, mainly from the entomofauna, which allows us to analyze this and to be able clearly establishes the post-mortem interval"said Lieutenant Jonathan Manchilla of the Department of Forensic Science at the uniformed police.

"Dense phenomena can give us light interval longer than four days"he added.

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