Friday , June 18 2021

Accident in Angola leaves two dead people – national

Accident in Angola leaves two people dead

As a result of the collision, two others were injured and taken to a health center.

A fatal incident was recorded earlier this Saturday in the municipality Angola, in the La Araucanía area.

The incident happened at 05:30, on O'Higgins Boulevard, at the height of a Sodimak chain.

According to what Carabineros has said, the driver loses control over the vehicle for the reasons he is investigating, climbing on the Barma, where he then hits a post.

Due to the incident, two passengers from the car died in the place.

In both the driver and other traveler were injured and were directed by emergency personnel to a health center.

SIAT staff were responsible for expert assessments to clarify the causes of the accident.


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