Sunday , May 9 2021

Activision has negatively affected the studio, according to former Blizzard employees

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Because they commented on former employees blizzard, Activision as such would negatively affect the development process, anything that would be highlighted by a subject of austerity that the company would regard as "philosophy," thus privileging the saving of the most money that one way, this would affect the projects.

According to a report by Cataku, in which 11 employees and former (anonymous) employees of Blizzard are their statements about the company and the philosophy of Activision in it. We already know that the immortal Devil will be a matter of discontent, he really does not hit people, and the low in action speaks for himself.

They said they would somehow tell them they had to spend less, for the first time Blizzard would have to worry about such things instead of investing to keep growing. Added to the fact that for the first time they had to show economic growth, something that at least indicated a developer who would leave the company.

Yes, despite anything you can say about visualization, Overwatch This is a game that has undoubtedly generated significant profits for the company, which gives some freshness to the business that can be made by it. No doubt we should not forget the fact that during the year Michael Moraime, who left his post as president.

How can this be translated? Will Blizzard find a way to retreat and increase the popularity and love of his fans? Will there be the future of your new mobile games?


Publisher: featured / Facebook / twitter Coverage

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