Sunday , June 13 2021

Actors of Paradise Island attend Constance McKenna during pregnancy

This will be the first child of the artist.

A few days ago, Isla Paraíso's actress, Constanza McKenna, published a photo on which she said she was pregnant.

In this context, the artist talks to Las Últimas Noticias about how her colleagues from the Mega series are behaving.

"Everyone was very affectionate to the news. They worry that I'm comfortable and that I have somewhere to sit. Sometimes I get hungry and everybody takes care of me, hahaha. They even give me their food. I felt very comfortable and loved in this process "– he said.

Constanza stressed that she always wanted to be a mother, although she was in her plans for the future. "It happened when it was not in the plans, it was strange, but it arrived at the time it had to arrive more",

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