Tuesday , June 15 2021

Actress Constanza McKenna surprised to confirm she will be mother for the first time Television and show

The Mega Actress Constance McKenna revealed with a gentle postcard that will be a mother for the first time. Through Instagram the artist shares a photo in front of a lake where her little belly is noticeable.

"A 2019 full of novelties … And no, not Franco", jokes the artist, referring to the alleged father (Nicholas Oyirun) of the son who expects his character in Paradise Island,

Constance, who is five months pregnant, is provided BioBioChile They received the news very well "although it was not in our plans". "We both wanted to be a dad one day, so we felt it came by the time we had to get there more"– he said.

In the same publication, the actress received a message from several of her colleagues in the soap opera, congratulating her on the news. – What beauty grows, guatita. Kisses of Love "– writes Monserrat Balarin, who plays his enemy in fiction.

On the other hand, Simon Beltran, one of the children in the production, added that "your gaat is very large." Maria Jose Admitted, meanwhile, also gave her a few words: "ajjaja heggmosa francesa ?".

Recall that the actress married last March with the commercial engineer Pedro Costibal Vikunja at a ceremony that has about 350 guests.

"We both have very large families and many friends. Only people near us (…) There was a cocktail, not a typical marriage with certain tables. We also had some lounge areas with chairs, armchairs and high tables similar to the restaurants. It was like organizing a reel more than a marriage, "he told Las Últimas Noticias at that time.

At the moment, the shares of the production are on vacation.

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