Wednesday , June 16 2021

Airline announces ticket offers up to $ 990 for local destinations

With a full vacation, the national airline Sky Airline announced a new promotion that allows travel to several destinations in Chile at an economical price, from just $ 990.

The promotion corresponds to flights that can be made in March with the invitation Zero speedTo the value of the pass is added a boarding fee for each exit, leaving the tickets per section for only 7,000 pesos.

Other information:The new heat wave will hit the capital
and the city center with temperatures above 36 ° C

Changes to $ 990 they are subject to the availability of places. Destinations included in this promotion are: Arika, Ikeke, Antofagasta, Kalama, Copiapo, Concepcion, Temuco, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Balmada, Punta Arenas.

The airline also has reduced tickets for international destinations the final price part of $ 14,783 per plot (including ticket price and boarding fees).

Foreign destinations at a discount are Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Sao Paulo,

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