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Alien: Blackout will be the new franchise game and can be announced on this date 20th century FOX | Hideo Kozima xenomorphs | Game awards 2018 | consoles | photos | Video games

Obviously, the franchise of the foreign will have a new title for consoles and computers because 20th Century Fox has registered the mark Alien: Exhaustion for use in video games or connected software. This will confirm everything speculated at the beginning of the year and the game will have a date to be announced.

FoxNext Games, the division of video games 20th Century Fox, will be responsible for doing Alien: Exhaustion on the consoles, and not only that, because in the coming days we could see what this new title would look like and what this new title would offer, where xenomorphos after 4 years

Programmers would now choose the date and place where they will display the content Aliens: Blackout, as The Game Awards 2018 assistants and viewers will be the first to see the new franchise video game. This award ceremony and announcement will be on December 6th.

Two accounts were created on Twitter for the new video game, @ AlienBlackout and @Alien Blackout, created in September. On the other hand, Jeff Cayley, lead by Game awards 2018, sent a strange message that recites: "The world will change," which provoked excitement in its followers and franchise fanatics as it uses the typology of Weylan Yutani Corporation, which belongs to the films of foreign,

Jeff's Duff

This would not be the only mention of the game on Twitter because Hideo Kozima, the creator of the epic Metal Gear Solid headline, may be behind the finish Alien: Exhaustion, because in his official account he has uploaded some pictures in which you can see a graphic piece that would refer to the game, egg xenomorfo and bracket, not just because it may be related to the new title "Kojima, Death Stranding" which was presented in the past E3 2018. In the same message from Kojima, the response of The Game Awards 2018 responded as follows:

Hideo Kozima

Hideo Kozima

Hideo Kozima

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