Monday , January 25 2021

Alvaro Espinoza to Pacto de Sangre: "It will become more and more scary" Television and exhibitions

After the death of Carina (Antonia Gieseen) Blood covenant, night TV series on Channel 13, has begun a new stage in the history of the four friends who play Pablo Macaia, Alvaro Espinoza, Pablo Serda and Nenor Chantilana.

With the renewed opening, where some characters are seen by both friends (Carina and Daniela), in addition to seeking AIP in a place that is still unknown, this production promises to attract even more its followers.

So much has caused that much cataloging it as a production that deserves to be given through the popular Netflix platform for both its content and its audio-visual language, but the second phase will be as appealing as the first one?

In this case, Álvaro Espinoza, who is responsible for the interpretation of one of the easiest villains, gave details of what is coming Blood Pact and Benjamin, who now has two deaths behind him.

– The realm is getting worse. Writers do not know what they have taken or whatever emotional state they will be, but it gets worse and far worse than what we have seen so far … "he said in an interview with La Quart.

This is after Carina's murder, all that can be expected in the conspiracy, there are even some achievements that would show that the police are beginning to suspect the core near Dr. Vial. "There are still many things to see in this sense, there is a lot of towel to break the heroes and it will get terrible and I think it's hard for people to quit",

The psychopath Benjamin

although was initially listed as one of the most focused in the quartet of friends, Benjamin turned out to be the darkest and most compelling of all, ready to do everything to avoid the destruction of his image as an ideal family father.

As for the behavior of his character, Espinoza explained that only the tip of the iceberg had been seen. "Benjamin has not yet shown his worst face"– he said. That's right, while reading, the doctor is worse and psychopathic than we thought.

Regarding the shocking scene he had to record with Antonia Giese, Álvaro explained that this was a challenge for him. "In my case, in such a situation, he made a hero who had no emotions, it was very complicated because the delivery of Antony (Giesen) was complete. A master scene was set and the maximum effort as an actor was not to enter the emotional tunnel with her and to preserve the role of the psychopath, but the work is much easier because the participation is huge, then things really happen, "he explained.

Now we just have to wait for Pacto de sangre writers to get into their hands, which is positioned like a night soap opera that gives a lot to talk.

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