Wednesday , January 27 2021

AMAZON is not relieved to install in Chile but recognizes its fear of earthquakes

Despite the concern about the seismic activity that is happening in Chile, everything goes "wind in the stern", so Amazon is installed in Chile.

Maximum Responsibility for the Public Sector in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Theresa Carlson said "it is not impossible" to settle in the country, however, made it clear that earthquakes that constantly hit national land complicated.

– I did not know he was so many earthquakesSo, obviously, when we go to Chile, it is not impossible, but we have to appreciate where to go in order not to interrupt our activity for such a situation, it is not impossible, "said Carlson.

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"Chile in particular is a very interesting country for me to see how the economy works. This is really very strong. I did not know much about Chile and it was very inspiring to know how the country works. And there is a period in their history when they have a recession in the economy and they really turned it, "said Jeff Bezos, CEO of the company.

Carlson stressed: "I felt that Chile had all the key ingredients to be ready to move on to this huge digital footprint."

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Responsible AWS said she met with President Sebastián Piñera and agreed to work together to implement programs that allow the use of Chilean technology to "transmit, analyze, and store data so we can use them and take advantage of them." Because when you think about it, this may be a monetization area for the country. "

Finally, he explained that regardless of the chosen location, "there are challenges in infrastructure, Latin America is very beautiful in all areas, but there are some areas where we need to work to understand how to build in these countries and how to do it the right way. And how to work to create an association between Argentina, Chile and Colombia. "

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