Monday , September 27 2021

Amazon workers in Europe are organizing protests under the motto "We Are Not Robots"

Complaints are made in several countries due to inhumane working conditions.

on Black Friday This is a great day for the shops because, thanks to sales, they generate big sales and profits, but this is not the same situation for employees as in many cases they have to work longer and under pressure, which in many cases leads them to protest.

This is exactly the case with the Amazonian warehouse workers who demonstrate in several European countries because they think they are working in inhumane conditions and treated as robots (through TechCrunch).

Amazon employees took advantage of what we talked about a lot about Black Friday to give its message in the last series of actions this year.

Protests include unions that have workers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany, who demonstrate and strike against what they call Amazon's dangerous labor culture, noting that this is enough and that employees should be treated as human beings.

With that in mind, Amazon has published a statement stating the money it invested and the number of jobs it has created in Europe, where they ensure they offer highly competitive wages, full benefits and innovative training programs.

We hope that these protests will lead to a good solution for the Amazon workers who are seeking fairer conditions.

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