Wednesday , January 20 2021

Analysts predict that the next year's iPhone will not have design changes

According to the analyst, iPhone will continue to have the same design by 2019, and Apple will be forced to change it in 2020.

Since Apple released the iPhone Xs and Xs Max a few months ago, it has earned some pessimism about its future sales. Various analyzes have shown that this year's products may be a failure and that Apple currently does not like it. However, Expert opinions show that Cupertino will repeat the same formula in 2019 in 2018.

This is forecasted at least by Anne Lee, an analyst at the famous Japanese financial corporation Nomura. According to her, as reported in 9To5Mac, Apple's expectations for 2019 will not be very high. In fact, iPhone next year is expected to have the same physical design as the iPhone Xs,

This means that the new phones next year will have the same size and screen. In addition, they will be presented 3 in a way very similar to what happened in 2018.In fact, mobile phones will feel and see the same with just a few small improvements,

What is expected to happen is that more tools have been developed to improve the realityThat would be enough to keep falling sales, whose calculations show a decline to 204 million sold products in 2019. By 2020 their number will continue to fall, only 200 million.

The iPhone X has a better battery than the iPhone XS Max, according to this test

They would have been waiting at the right time

According to the expert, Apple prefers to cook using 5G technologyIt is expected that this will be full coverage by 2020, so plans will begin to focus on this year.

Only then will the iPhone begin to realize a new design. This would complement the hardware innovations needed to get started with 5G, as well as the more advanced use of the improved reality in the phones.

In other words, Apple will remain behind all of 2019 to dismantle its followers in 2020., Will he get it? We will see if these forecasts are met and if the company will not be far behind the results of next year.

The iPhone X has a better battery than the iPhone XS Max, according to this test

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