Friday , January 15 2021

ANFP has published a program for the start of the championship, and UC's debut will be open

The governing body of the national football announced the programming of the first five days by day and time. The tournament begins on Friday, February 15, in La Calera. The duel between Kokimbo and the Catholics will be released by CDF and CHV.

ANFP announced the programming of the first five days of the First Division 2019 national championship. The coordination of the days and schedules was co-organized by the Competition Authority, Safe Stadium, Carabineros, Turner, TVO, SIFUP and other organizations.

Due to the high summer temperatures, the games will start at 17.30, although there will be a window for 12 hours, so all the matches in the competition will be broadcast. Another situation that needs to be considered is that there will be no simultaneous matches. The CDF will give the eight matches on each date of the tournament plus one, for now, on First B, on Saturday at 21:00. ANFP informed that they hope that as the tournament progresses, the number of B games will increase on television.

The first match of the tournament will be between Unión La Calera and Palestino on Friday, February 15 at 6 pm, in the new Nicolás Chahuán. The same day, but later, will be the premiere of UC, the champion attending Coquimbo Unido. The big news is that the match will be released by CDF and Chilevisión, a signal belonging to Turner. So football is coming back to open the TV.

First date of the tournament for 2019
Friday, February 15th
18.00 U. La Calera – Palestinian
20.30 Coquimbo Unido – W. Catholic (CHV and CDF)
Saturday, February 16th
12.00 Ikeke – Kuriko Unido
6.30 pm Chile – Cobresal
21.00 U. de Concepción – Everton
Sunday, February 17th
12.00 Juachipato – O Higgins
19.00 U. Española – Colo Colo
21.30 A. Italian – Antofagasta

Check the official schedule of the first five dates of the championship

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