Sunday , June 13 2021

Angie Jibaba is tired of criticism and attacks by women who envy her with a firm message

Angie Jibaba shared a post on his Instagram platform, which he used to send a message to all the haters who criticize her every day.

Through a video in which she calls her "sexy and dangerous," the Peruvian model appears with Sebastian Ramirez and Abraham Garcia, with whom he shares his conclusion in Dobble Tentason, posing in front of the camera very sensuously.

But this is not what sparked the dispute, but the message that accompanies the publication: "While there are haters who criticize and envy me … People who have already wanted a little from me. I usually reduce it and my self-esteem very low because of the depression I'm overcoming today, "he said.

"Now I get it up and climb up. I feel happy, completely proud of my career. Model, actress, singer, businessman and super mom. OR WAS TALKING WITH INDEPENDENT, "he writes, generating dozens of criticisms among his followers.

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