Saturday , January 23 2021

Another year to come: Senator Allamand says that in 2019, Pinera's approval will be lifted

Senator Andres Allamand calibrated the data published by the CEP survey as positive as they provide for a more consolidated year for the government, which also shows that approval is higher than that of Bachelet in the first 12 months of 2015.

"With the results of this study and the macroeconomic figures published by the Central Bank, we added to the important reforms that the executive push imposes, it all shows 2019 as a promising year," he said.


With regard to the dismissal of President Sebastian Pinera (37%) and his disapproval (39%), the scenario is better than that of Michel Bachellet's second term in his first year of work.

"The scenario is very positive if we compare the numbers obtained by former President Michel Bachel in the first year of her 2015 rule when her approval was only 24%, and her disapproval reached 58%," he recalls.

For Alaamand, the pinnacle of Pinera's government is economic growth, where 4% "far exceeds what was done by the previous administration in 2017, which only rose by 1.5%," said the congressman.

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