Tuesday , June 22 2021

Antofagasta marks a record of investments in reinforcements

By this Friday, the entire second region has hired 8 players for the season, where it will debut internationally.

Present on Sports Antofagasta It is historic in all circumstances. From a sports standpoint, the northern team ended in 2018 in its best position and also managed to get one of four places to play for the first time an international tournament at the Copa Sudamericana 2019.

To cope with this challenge, plus the 2019 national championship and Chile's MTS 2019 Cup, the Pumas board has hired eight players, where Gonzalo Fiero and Tobias Figueroa have emerged as the brightest names.

They were joined by Franz Schultz, Ricardo Blanco, Nicholas Penyaillo, Jose Bangees, Byron Nieto and Adrian Balboa.

They believe they have admitted CDF News by Antofagasta's club, the investments made by the management are nearly $ 1.5 million, one of the highest on the national market and the largest in the history of the institution.

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