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Apple Watch can now make and receive Claro eSIM calls to know it

07 December 2018 – 11:20


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Giving a clock that has made and received calls as a phone, a device that modern adults in Colombia knows only in Inspector Gadget's head and other futuristic series of childhood, is now a real opportunity in the country.

This week, Claro has provided consumers with the telephony service for one of the most prestigious smart watches on the market: Apple Watch, in versions 3 and 4.

This is the arrival of the technology that the operator had only in Mexico and Brazil; and this is possible by creating a small SIM card and creating a dedicated network for it.
The service was presented Thursday at Claro's headquarters in Bogota, where Columbus President Carlos Zeneno took part.

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"With this device, people will now be able to have more mobility, which is more freedom, and you no longer need to charge the phone where you do not want to take it, like running or mountain biking," said the businessman.

Unlike the technologies developed so far, in which the phone shared Bluetooth features with the clock; he currently has direct access to the network with full autonomy.

The calls enter both devices at once and connect to the first one that presses "answer". If the phone is turned off or thousands of kilometers, the clock continues to operate normally.
The development of this technology has imposed on Claro an investment of $ 6 million and nine months of work with a team of 28 engineers.

"Our continued commitment is to be a very innovative company, to deliver services first in Colombia and to have the best technology for our customers," says Zenteno.
Therefore, return expectations are also high: we expect to sell 4,000 units to Apple Watch 4 only this holiday season.

Each device has a value of $ 2,082,900 in its 40-millimeter screen version; and from $ 2,208,900 in 44.

How do we have it?

Apple Watch Series 4 can be synced with iPhone 6 and upgrades. To activate telephony, you need to have voice service over LTE (VoLTE for acronym in English), Sim card from the latest version, have a Claro subscription plan and have a username and password in the Mi Claro app. When the service is purchased, $ 15,000 is added to the month's account.

The Apple Watch 4 is the best smart clock on the market. It has a heart rhythm reader, messages, Bluetooth and special sports features.

Beyond the clock

After developing a new SIM card and the entire network infrastructure for it, the operator is expected to be able to launch this service for other "gadgets." "If another device is enabled, we will have everything to go in to be an operator, which will depend on the manufacturers," Zentheno said.

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