Tuesday , June 22 2021

Apple will present its streaming video service on March 25th

We can say that we have double confirmation from apple,

On the one hand, It is official that on 25 March this year the company will hold an event of presentation.

For this date it is intuitive that Cupertino launches its subscription service for news and magazinesBut it does not seem to be the only surprise.

In other words, the organization sends press releases to the above-mentioned event … and also invites several Hollywood stars,

"Apple flow "

Celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Director J. Abrams.

With this, more than obviously that Tim Cook's signature will be his official streaming of video,

For some time, Apple has bet, invested and created original contentHe even worked under the direction of two former managers of Sony Pictures, Zack Van Amberg and Jamie Ehrlich.

All the materials can be visualized by app on TV that the organization launched in 2016 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV,

In theory, the service will be based on a subscription systemMaybe this is Netflix type monthly. Similarly, Bloomberg's media outlines the following:

Together with Apple's subscription, there will be free content, Users can pay to access programs from other providers such as Starz, as is possible with Amazon's video service. Today Apple offers a handful of free programs such as "Carpool Karaoke" and "Planet of the Apps".

In other cases, it is speculated that serials and films are free to those who already have their own chew appleIt will be necessary to see what is the commercial strategy that Apple decides to implement and how it will offer streaming of video

Once the message is done, they are waiting for you availability is given in summer of the United States. Which would be winter for the southern hemisphere,

Serving magazines and news with iOS 12.2

On the other hand, the source points out this news service and magazines that the company is also preparing will be available along with the arrival of iOS 12.2, This version of software is expected to be released during the Australian autumn.

Additionally, the current application Apple News will receive an update that will include the "Magazine" (magazines) similar to the app texture that the company acquired last year.

March 25, an event dedicated to "Services" (software)

With all this, March 25 is likely to be a day dedicated to delivering news about the Services category.Obviously Tim Cook's promises for new products of this style will not have much time to wait. Something that ends at the end of the day software,

With regard to the rumors and mentioned news hardware, it seems that we will have to continue to wait another moment.

Source: Bloomberg

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