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Aquarium – Monday, 10 December 2018: Aquarius moon sensitizes you

Astrological News: Today we have the moon in transit for your sign, Aquarius, and the only retrograde planet is uranium, your ruler, in Aries.

This is a very dynamic Monday for you, Aquarius, because the moon in your sign removes the most intimate and sensitive fibers of your personality. Explore new methods and dare to be alone. Your ideas will bring good results and you will see how well everyone is welcomed in your factory, workshop or office. Apply your energy and intuition at all times, especially when it comes to who is so much to you. You have the ability to give a wonderful touch to everything you offer, especially when you apply your original Aquarius originality. Follow a plan and you will achieve what you have decided to do.

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I love you
The environment in your environment is cheerful, Aquarius. When you respond in an optimistic way to the circumstances that arise in your love life, this is what you will get and enjoy, and in this sense you know how to design safely what you want when you want.

You will feel better if you take a short break. There are some things in your head. Do your best to relax and reject the worries you can not resolve.

I work
A friendly person will offer ideas that are well applied, may represent an increase in your income or your job position. The important thing is that you are not approaching criticism, recommendations and warnings, and consider everything with the good sense that characterizes you.

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Money and wealth
Do not reflect the ideas of those who think only of illusions and do not step on the ground for the practical aspects of life. Your sign knows how to keep your feet on the ground, but sometimes you allow yourself to be led by unstable people.

Astral biorhythm of today
Sexual energy level this Monday: high.
The cosmic dynamics you need to take advantage of: Your Aerial Energy that inspires you to jump into new and bold adventures.
Dangerous trend from Monday in your sign Aquarius: Do not act when you have to do it to be afraid of a mistake.
What I should avoid: inaccuracy, lack of concentration and decision.
The phrase of the day: less intelligent enters, one has more prejudices.

Predicting a couple for today Monday
The best relationship today: this Monday will work very well for you if your partner has an air or fire sign.
The most tense relationship: may originate with a native of Capricorn or Taurus.
Your modern compatibility: it has good compatibility, especially with air and fire.
If you are one or one: this is a cycle of sentimental identification, your ideal partner will arrive soon, but does not force situations.

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