Wednesday , May 5 2021

Are you tired of seeing Instagram? So you can browse in incognito mode

Nothing is the same as Instagram decides to tell your contacts when you're online and your last link to WhatsApp.

Facebook seems to have some fix that allows your friends to see when you're online in one of your apps to show that you genuinely ignore them. Why are you so, Mark? This happens not only in envoy, but obviously in WhatsApp and rather on Instagram.

But calm down, not everything is bad. Yes, there is a way to navigate through Insta Incognito so that no one sees this annoying green dot next to your name.

Are you tired of seeing Instagram? So you can browse in mode

Instagram Incognito

You're relaxed in the app while your friend, girlfriend, girlfriend, and so on. sent a message asking you why the hell you do not like your photo if you're there for more than two hours … she knows it. He saw you online and there is no way to lie.

  • Prevent this. So you can walk quietly incognito:
  • Open the application settings
  • Find privacy and fixes
  • Enter activity status. Once you're here, just disable it

Yes, it's so simple. She has no trick and no great magic, and there are still people who did not know about it and were in the hands of the scavengers. Do not forget the privacy of online applications … and everywhere.

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