Sunday , June 20 2021

Argandoña and Maldonado revealed their plans for February 14th

In a new chapter on "unlimited"The Agricultural radioand a few days of new life on February 14, Rachel Arganndona and Patricia Maldonado spoke of their plans for the day of love.

While Raquel had already advanced in his head on Monday, he would spend the day with his daughter Kel, since the young influential is a birthday, he says she usually spends with friends. "Why spend it yourself, why go to bed early?He assured him.

"If you do not have a lucite, write a map of your partner, tell them you remembered, or take a flower from your neighbor and give it to him, buy a bottle of wine, talk to a friend and have fun" on the advice given by the participant of the greeting.

For its part Maldonado admitted that she had never felt comfortable with the holiday, but this time it will prepare "well" because of disconnection, because your husband will soon have surgery, although according to the doctor of the couple there may be a "good" February 14th.

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