Wednesday , June 16 2021

Ariana Grande showed her hair looks "natural": she is not smooth or long TV and show

In recent years aesthetics of Ariana Grande (25) has become a major part of his personal stamp. The artist is known for his smooth "tail" that falls from the top of the head to her back as well as her eyes.

But this Wednesday, the young woman showed on Twitter that her hair was far from what she was showing on the screen. In a publication of said social network, Grande shared an image of her childhood, in which she had wavy hair.

– Yes, I'm honest. That way I keep seeing without lashes and "pony" … Anyone who knows me knows it. ", he wrote next to the picture. "I was five years old, the only difference is that I now write" parrilla "in my hand, he joked, remembering his failed tattoo.

After the publication, many of her followers thought it looked very different and did not believe she still looked like that. – I want a picture!, he writes a fan of it.

Before that, Grand published a little video showing how his hair looks without ironing or stretching. In seconds he was filled with praise.

You have to remember that these days Grande popularized his last album Thank you, ahead, issued last week. Since its launch all tracks on the album are preserved at the top of Spotify and iTunes.

And finally, this Sunday big won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for his fourth studio album "Sweetener," a difficult category in which he competed with Taylor Swift.

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