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Arley Méndez was chosen to be the best of the best of the 2018 Olympic Gala

With tears in his eyes, he spoke to the press, the supporter Arley Mened. The Cuban nationalized Cuban athlete, was honored by the Chilean Olympic Committee as the best athlete of the year 2018. Olympic Gala, held this Wednesday at the Casapiedra Events Center, in Vitakura.

Mendes received the award, due to the world championship, won in the category "Shoes", category 89 kilograms, from the World Weightlifting Championship held in November in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Also in May, He won a gold medal at the South American Games in Cochabamba.

"I feel very happy, I can tell you that this is one of the best prizes and it is an honor to be handed to me this year." Over the course of the season, a lot of effort is being made to get to the excellent races. , to give everything to Chile, to have a better recognition of the country in the field of sports, that I am valuable and that this prize is very big and makes me want to continue fighting "Mendes said.

Luxury guests

This gala was attended by distinguished representatives of many disciplines, such as the winner of "Best of the Best" and the current national sport prize, Maria Fernanda Valdez; tennis player Nicholas Jari, golfer Joaquín Neman, gymnast Thomas Gonzales, athlete Iidoda Jimenez, paralympic swimmer Alberto Abbasamong many others.

Similarly, the authorities of the Olympic Committee, headed by its President, also attended. Miguel Angel Mogic and the Minister for Sport, Pauline Canter

The Secretary of State, He said the improvements in the National Stadium, in the Panamanian Games in Santiago in 2023, are well advanced and he also pointed out that reforms have been made in the Proddar scholarship, which will be in place since March., in terms of economic aid to high performance athletes.

Check out the list of winners in 2018 Olympics:

  • Award for sports trajectories: Angel Marentis (shot in the fields)
  • Spirit Award Team Chile: Esteban Buxtos (modern pentathlon)
  • Sports promise award: Rousse Barbosa, Isidora Nmeyer and Christina Hostertar (Rating), Martin Vidar (Cycling), Women 15 (Basketball), Nicholas Diaz (Surf), Valentina Toro (Karate), Francis Solli of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
  • Exceptional Action Award 2018: Joaquin Niman (golf), Nicholas Hari (tennis), Christel Cobric (swimming) and Felipe Miranda (sea skiing)
  • 2018 Prize for World Medalists: Claudio Romero (Athletic), Antonia and Melita Abraham (cycling), Maria Jose Manio (riding), Camilo Verozo (Karate), Pablo Quintanilla (Motorcycle), Javier Vargas, Barbara Rivoros, Maria Fernanda Valdez Arlee Menez.
  • Best Prize for Paralympic Athlete: Alberto Abarza (Swimming)
  • Award for Best Athlete of the Year: Arley Mened (Weightlifting)

In addition, the following confirmations were made:

  • Bicycles, combs and motorcycle, for the World Championship of Athletes
  • Recognition of trainers: George Panchev (Weightlifting), Daniel Nieman (Volleyball) and Bievenedo Front (Rowing)

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