Friday , December 4 2020

At a height of 4 meters there will be waves in Valparaiso this weekend, warned by maritime authorities

Valparaire's Sea Meteorological Center is activating this Friday a new swelling warning that will last from Saturday to Wednesday of next week.

The forecast estimates that the swelling will reach waves with a height of up to 4 meters, with southwest orientation and that the greater development of this phenomenon occurs in tide hours and depending on local wind conditions.

Deputy Chief of the Marine Meteorological Center in Valparais, First Lieutenant Felipe Fernandez, explained that "from Saturday 24 November we expect new waves from the southwest of our coast and island territory, generating waves up to 4 meters high, open to that address, these blows meet special warning number 55 so far this year. "

The Maritime Authority is aware that caution and caution should be exercised, safety rules enforced, rocky escapees prevented from entering the sea during swelling, sea and sports activities without due diligence. ,

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