Wednesday , July 28 2021

At the request of Reynoldo Rueda, the date was postponed

All the clubs (14) who attended the ANFP Chairpersons' Council approved the measure. The fifth day will be played after Copa America.

Reinaldo Rueda, who met Claudio Bravo in England this Thursday, was very concerned about AFPF's chair.

Colombian pretends that the first round of the National Tournament will end on the 14th day, not the 15th, to have another week of preparation for Copa America.

The clubs unanimously approved the measure. It was necessary that 13 teams voted in favor, the council came 14 and all gave OK. Audax Italaliano and Huachipato did not appear in Quilín.

Day 14 will be played between 24 and 26 May, and 15 will be played after the Continental Contest, which will take place in Brazil between June 14 and July 7.

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