Wednesday , January 27 2021

Bad little angel: shared the most famous fake announcement of "public service" in December and laughter filled social networks

December is the month of the year when we all remember that this wonderful 8-year-old boy who is provoking a clumsy pair of thieves when accidentally his parents forget him at home.

That's why it's no wonder the photo of the "wet thieves," the heroes played by Joe Peshici and Daniel Stern, has become vicious, warning that "these two people are coming in to steal the homes of the people who leave the Christmas holidays, please distribute ".

The message is widespread through the Facebook and Twitter pages, almost always with the corresponding responses to the movie My Poor Angelito and its protagonist Kevin McCaulster, played by Macauuli Culkin.

This time, however, it was a response that gained greater popularity than the joke itself, as a user of social networks, probably interrupted by Christmas fever, did not realize that it was all a joke.

"Last week, a young man went through a door-to-door study and said he was from a university that attracted my attention, I understand that these studies are no longer taking place and the person is very similar to the young person of these two, wrote a Facebook user.

The responses did not wait for many of the posts that followed, called to be "vigilant" in the presence of these two thieves.

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