Thursday , May 13 2021

Band Condominium honored Camilo Catarlana at Copihue de Oro

During the incidents that occurred during the death of the young member of the community, which occurred lately in La Araucania, the transmission of the La Cuarta awards gave a forum for a demonstration of the artists.

With images of the young member of the community stamped on the clothes of some of his members, the group presented the first political gesture of those present per day, in addition to the tribute to MEPs Camila Vallejos and Carol Carriola.

It should be remembered that the band "Concussion Band" was nominated for "best band or tropical soloist" so they arrived at the place with a distinctive festive style.

They continued to broadcast in channel 13, some of the musicians took the picture of Camilo Catrita's face in their clothes, the reason why the direction of the television decided to happen in another, quick form.

Later, on the scene, the group used the opportunity to send a support message to community member Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca, who died from a bullet in the head in the middle of a police operation.

After the show, the group posts a Twitter message via its Twitter account requesting exit from the so-called jungle command: Msgstr "In # CopihueDeOro2018 Required #JusticiaParaCamiloCatrillanca #FueraElComandoJungla"says tweet

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