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Beausejour returns Copa América to the raffle in Rio and recognizes his "pride" for the papyrus | football

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He confessed to the whole continent his "hoofing pride". The Chileans are elected Jean Bosegeur He was one of the main heroes of the Copa America Group Stage, held last Thursday.

Recall that luck determined that La Roya will be in group B of the event, along with Uruguay, Ecuador and Japan,

Bose, who had arrived as a Chilean deputy, had to appear on stage and return of the trophy won by the "Golden Generation" in Santiago 2015.

At this point, U's player had words about Mapuche's cause after he was described by leaders as "activist" of social causes.

"I do not know if this is such a big fight for me but I took advantage of the platform of public activity like football, so massive to have small gestures "– replied Beausejour, who, in a friendly match at La Roja last November in Temuco, decided to use his second name Coliqueo to pay tribute to his mother and grandfather.

"I'm not an activist, but basically I'm making gestures and doing them for the people I'm from, hoodoo, but that's nothing but gestures, and a very great sense of pride ", supplemented.

In another issue, Beausejour was also consulted for the moment of greatest joy in the last Copa América, and he did not hesitate: "It is clear when Alexis transforms the last punishment and we end with a lifetime of drought ",

"We were all very excited. Players and Chilean people. We were very happy there, "he added.

Finally, the footballer referred to his old step from Brazil: "I have great memories of Porto Alegre, the gaucho area, the fans … We hope that Chile can defend itself in the next Copa AmericaHe concluded.

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