Monday , January 18 2021

Benedetto's wife's furious reaction against the River Plate fans football

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Gabriel Bouys I Agence France Presse

Dario Benedetto he won the mocking of everyone after he scored a goal that scored him River Plate in the Copa Libertadores final in Santiago Bernabeu.

It turns out that during the celebration, the ambassador dedicated the goal, so burlesque to the Rhine Defender Gonzalo Montiel.

The problem? The set of millionaires turned the game and stayed with the final. This is why River fans have been taken out of language and fed the social networks of memes against the attacker.

The level of mockery was such that the player's wife, Noelie Pons, he had to come to his defense.

Through her Insortm account, the fashion designer responded to everyone who laughed ahead.

"Because you blame him for playing when he has a son. For a bowl when there are six. That you were going to the World Cup, he was more times than you and came back with the bowl in his hand. Because he also arrived at First and never had to leave. Therefore, always, always, always in every Argentine team, Boca fans can get their tongue, "he wrote in a story.

"For the guild, if they have a warning." Kiss on the forehead of all the chicks who yesterday instead of celebrating that they remember sending me a message … They still have to win the World Cup and NEVER forget that spot that has never been erased, "he concluded.

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