Tuesday , January 19 2021

"Benjamin still does not show his worst face"

In the head of last Wednesday for The Covenant of Blood, Álvaro Espinoza impressed the viewers with the cold blood she showed when she took the life of Carina (Antonia Giese), the young woman who was investigating the disappearance of her friend Daniela (Antonia Bosman ).

Then the murder of the TV series began its second act, and the director of the Blood Pact, Christian Mason, expected what would come for the plastic surgeon: "In this second stage, Benjamin got unleashed, and we begin to see that whatever he did in his way, he can eliminate it. "

Followers of a soap opera are wondering if Karina's murder will be the return of a doctor and what other things she can do to keep her image as an irrepressible person.

Alvaro Espinoza, responsible for giving life to the cold, heartless and ultra-religious Dr. Vial, told La Quartha that "in this television series all characters live in situations that put them in the boundaries and although they look implausible, more and more and more terrible things continue to happen. "

"Will Benjamin have the opportunity to redeem himself?" Because until now he has shown his worst face …

I'm going to this, I mean that: Benjamin has not yet shown his worst face …

– Not yet!

Telepathy really gets worse. Writers do not know what they have taken or what emotional state they are, but TV shows are getting worse and far worse than what we've seen so far …

– How bad is it?

There are many things to see in this sense, there is a lot of towel to break the characters and it will become more and more scary and I think it's hard for people to be unzipped …

"By the way, telemetry does not have a high rating, but in social networks it's a phenomenon, what do you think about it?

At this point, at this time, I think the rating has nothing to say.

– How?

I was in super-successful soap operas and always provokes irritation, people comment on everything, but with Pacto de Sangre, the viewer does not just say he likes or follows him or is good or bad, rather he feels obliged to develop theories about what will happen. They are super engaged with the theme and this is super satisfying to us.

"How did you make the scene of Carina's death?"

At the moment of reading the scene the same happens to people when they see them: I feel sad, I do not like it a bit … the only difference is that I have to face these feelings from another place and it's not easy because it's be days and days gathering hatred and horror, and that is super-exhausting.

– And during the recording?

In my case, in such a situation, making a character devoid of emotion is very complex because the delivery of Antony (Giesen) was complete. A master scene was set and the maximum effort as an actor was not to enter the emotional tunnel with her and to maintain the role of the psychopath, but the work is much easier because the casting is huge, then things really happen.

– What role do you think the script plays in the phenomenon "Pacto de Sangre"?

In terms of content, I think that under no circumstances do we invent the wheel, but what this script has is a long working process before we start, working for years in development. What he discovers is a new way of telling – a new dramatic rhythm.

– In what sense?

When Pacto started, which was Monday, people thought it would end the next Monday … when I read the first five chapters, I talked with the producer, the director, and told them "in my experience, ten years ago, with these the first five chapters were ninety … … that is, the action goes too fast, the story does not stop, stops and all the scenes matter, I never was in the TV where the scenes were not deleted and the scenarios disappeared. .. but I think the appropriateness that can be in the time is because it gave the bend speed in the the story of history and this is the most valued people.

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