Monday , June 21 2021

BioWare insists that Mass Effect is alive

mass effect

Although things do not look good BioWarestudy directors insist on this Mass Effect stay alive We say this because of the recent trade disaster suffered by the series Mass Effect Andromeda, in addition to the panorama for anthem It seems complicated due to the fact that a few days after its launch, EA has generated a lot of noise around him with the success of Apex Legends,

In an interview with Polygon, Casey Hudson, General Manager of BioWare and Mark Dara, Executive Producer of anthem and Dragon Agesaid the study did not end its work Mass Effectbecause the amount of stories and facts they want to tell about this universe are quite significant.

– In my opinion, Mass Effect is very alive. All the time I think about things that would be great for the series. The point is to get back to him as soon as possible, "Hudson said.

– We definitely have not graduated with Mass Effect. There are so many stories we can say. We can use the topics we get from Andromeda or Mass Effect 3. There is a very interesting place to study, "Dara said.

Well, you got it. Again, BioWare notes that his beloved science-fiction series is still alive, nevertheless. Let's cross our fingers like this EA Do not do one of your classic moves and let the legendary studio continue.

Source: Polygon

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