Monday , July 26 2021

Bitkine and other crypto-points in red figures after a lawsuit against Bitfinex and Tether | CriptoNoticias

The crippled market has suffered a sharp downturn in the past few hours, with almost 30 of the largest crypto-currencies in red. Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto-active market, has lost about 5% of its value in the last hour. The sudden fall came after he learned about the introduction of a lawsuit against Bitfields and Teter from the New York Public Prosecutor's Office.

BTC suddenly switched from $ 5,452 to $ 5,195 at the time of writing this note. In the Live Coin Watch data, BTC's loss of value can be confirmed, which is also translated to 4.22% less in the past 24 hours and 1.23% in the past 7 days.

A 5% drop in BTC's price occurred shortly after the allegations against Bitfields and Tether were known. Picture of live coin live.

Of the 30 largest crypto-points, only two show green figures in the last hour, USD coin and chain, both with growth below 1%. Of these first 30 cryptobultures, the drop in the main BAT is -5.45%. The ERC-20 Token has a current value of US $ 0.3865.

This common cryptoparazzar accident coincided with the request of the New York Prosecutor's Office against the Bitfinex Exchange and its affiliate Tether. These companies are accused by Chief Prosecutor, Lexington James, for trading in New York Securities without permission, and using customer reservations to cover losses.

Although in 2018, Bitfinex himself has assured that he will no longer serve salesmen based in New York or other cities in the United States. on the cryptobolsa platform.

The news and the downturn in the market for the moment have not damaged the stable currency of Tether (USDT). What the cryptoactive said remains the most capitalized currency and its attachment did not fall despite controversy.

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