Wednesday , December 2 2020

Black Friday increases US consumption, online sales are rising

By Nandita Bose and Anna Irena

People shop during "Black Friday" at Roosevelt File Mall in Garden City, New York, US, November 23, 2018. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

American consumers took advantage of the huge discounts on toys, clothes and electronic products, both online and in physical stores during the annual Black Friday sale, which gave the small sector a good start for the holiday season. end of the year.

The robust economy and improved salaries encouraged them to go out and spend money on a range of bargain deals offered by the stores.

"Today's prices are very good," said 59-year-old Jose Manuel Cruz Hernandez, who visited the Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California, accompanied by his 66-year-old sister Paulina Cruz, who travels every year from Mexico City to buy,

They both spent $ 120 on princess dolls and other toys in Walt Disney store where there was a 20% discount. They also paid a similar amount to local Gap Inc, where the costumes were offered at discounts of about 55%.

Cruise Hernandez, an aerospace employee, said he trusts the US economy and personal finances, so he plans to spend another $ 1,000 on holiday gifts, which is almost the same as last year.

A similar story happened in online stores, where buyers spent about $ 643 million before 10:00 EST (1500 GMT), up 28% year-on-year, according to analytics tracking the transactions of most of big retailers on the Internet in the United States.

The influx of visitors to discount stores seemed great, although detailed sales data for a physical store would not be available for a few days.


Shares of Macy's Inc, Kohl's Corp and Target Corp finished Friday with a review of the S & P 500 retail index, which dropped 0.56%.

Investors are concerned that retail sales growth peaked in the second quarter, and business is slowing down as comparisons become more difficult, "said Brian Yarbrow, an analyst at Edward Jones.

The documents of L. Mards, the owner of Victoria Secret, Walmart, and American Arms Outlet, went up. The titles of J.C. Penney Co. Inc has shut down both Inc. registered a slight decline.

Initial figures showed retail sales as a whole, both in stores and online, are in line with expectations, according to MasterCard SpendingPulse report. "The company expects Black Friday to exceed $ 23,000 million this year, compared with $ 21,000 million last year.

MasterCard combines sales activity on its payment network with monetary assessments and other forms of payment. He said the cold weather in the eastern states and the wet weather in the west could lead more consumers to shop online.

On Friday, online spending went to $ 6 billion, Adobe said. Online Thanksgiving sales rose 28 percent to $ 3.7 billion.

The National Federation of Retailers predicts that the sector sales in the United States will increase between 4.3 and 4.8% annually in November and December, reaching a total of 717.450 million dollars to 720.890 million dollars. This compares with an average annual increase of 3.9% over the last five years.

Additional information from Shannon Stapleton on Long Island; Lewis Krausskopf, Melissa Fairs, Jennifer Ablan, and Anna Irena in New York; Lisa Bayerlein in Los Angeles; Rich Naydi in Chicago; Margaret Rice in Tyson, Virginia; and Sidhart Cavale in Bengaluru; Written by Nick Ziminski; Edited in Spanish by Ricardo Figueroa

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