Sunday , May 16 2021

Blizzard will also work on a version of Pokémon Go based on World of Warcraft

One of the biggest ads Blizzard made during the BlizzCon 2018 was Immortal devil, a version of smartphones and tablets from the mythical franchise. But it looks like this is not the only mobile game they work on, there is one of them World of in progress

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Blizzard says he does not expect such a negative reaction to the new Immortal devil

During a BlizzCon Session Question & Answer shortly after announcing the game …

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World of has accumulated countless fans in its 14-year history and now it seems that Blizzard wants to attract new ones and make them return to the old with a new game of the saga inspired by PokemonThis was revealed by a report from our colleagues Kotaku, although according to their sources they are still under development and also have much more content and things than the Pokémon game, including single player capabilities.

According to the report, Kory Stockton, World of, says that in Blizzard's offices they are fans of Pokemon and they meet to compete in the university almost daily. However, everything indicates that we will have to wait before we see "WoW Go". By then, it is quite possible to see the debut of Immortal devil, a game that caused great controversy among fans of the Diablo, which reacted quite negatively to your ad. [vía Kotaku]

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