Monday , June 14 2021

Blue fault with all its letters

In 180 minutes, the Chilean University failed to reach Peru in MelgarThere is a world of difference between the two institutions in all comparable senses. In history, infrastructure, budget and campus. It is true that the court does not play the wallet, but will always win millionaire equipment. But when distances are so wide in so many aspects, it must be noted in some way. And in this key of the Copa Libertadores, U did not show any progress. He was nothing more than a very discreet team, like his Peruvian opponent. We can say with some certainty that the bluff has deviated in connection with the end of the last tournament.

There are ways and means of winning or losing. Ways and ways to eliminate, The University of Chile has shown the worst face of all that where there is no game fund to analyze. It can be said, the voice at the door that U plays badly. But before that you have to ask what U plays or what he intends to put on the game.

Frank Dario Koudelka arrived in the last tournament, urgent, with a team already armed. He always said, for good reason, that he played the team as he could, not how he wanted. Now the fence is different. They brought him ten reinforcements, all visas for him. The serious thing should not only be eliminated. It's football, and that can happenIt is really serious that the blue box does not show anything. No football. Not Individuals. No force of will. Nothing.

It is true that it is uncomfortable to play on the Cup when the teams have no shooting. But that's no excuse. This is the same date for everyone. There are obvious things the technician does not appreciate. The problem in the middle of the U field is not in the constraints flyers, in the interior or in the mixed ones. He has a forward and a center attack. The lack is in the generation of the game. The last pass. The Connector Who Connects the Equipment. One looks at the template and does not appreciate a player with these features. Ergo, a badly formed campus. Uncompensated.

Let's add an even more worrying fact that goes to the University of Chile and concerns national teams that compete internationally with honorable exceptions. They win us all. On every side of South America we win. From indigenous. Visit. Those who were previously overtaken by the shirt today feel no fear of coming to play in Chile.

But our competition is healthy. Do not worry Do not stay any longer. With a lot of foreigners with medium hair, with representatives who buy clubs, with trout with triangulations, with excaso work at lower, Continue You can still fall down.

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