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Boca: what plans were handled by Marcelo Gallardo in the face of doubts by a key striker – 11/20/2018

That opportunity Ignacio Scocco playing from the start in the rematch is to be seen. Although striker returned to work with the team on Tuesday morning at the Ezeiza estate and also played soccer for 20 minutes, he was still not in optimal condition for the injury he suffered in the right calf on Saturday, May 3. November in River defeat against Estudiantes by Superliga. If it arrives, it will be fair, and for now have more opportunities to occupy a place on the bench than jumping into the field from the start. So, The possibility of five leaflets for the Boca final begins to grow.

During his play, Scocco shared the advantage with Rodrigo Mora for the substitute team as measured by the Reserve. Can he play? "We will sue him until Friday," they told him from the coaching staff. Clarin. The concrete thing is if Nacho available and playing as a starter, the equation for defining the team is simple because the former Newell will replace Rafael Borré (he reached three warnings and must fulfill the suspension). Suffice it to define, in this case, if the Martinez Quarta plays and there are five defenders like in the first leg or if the central marker comes out and the other midfielders join. But if Scocco doesn't play, various possibilities are open in terms of names and schemes.

If the Gallardo decides to play with five midfielders, who are they? Leonardo Ponzio, who has recovered from a fibrare tear which suffered in the semifinals back to Gremio, will be in the center of the midfield. The other two who will from the start are Exequiel Palacios and Gonzalo Martínez, though Dear I will play more advanced. And if there are five midfielders, it's likely to grow for Ignacio Fernández.

And the rest? That will happen between Juan Quintero or Enzo Pérez, depending on whether the strategy is more about creating (with Colombian players) or recovery (with former students). This will produce three possible schemes: a 4-2-3-1 (with Ponzio and Pérez doubling five and Nacho Fernández, Palacios y Dear Martinez in front; or Ponzio and Palacios in double five and Quintero, Nacho Fernandez and Dear Martinez, front), 4-1-4-1 (with Ponzio in front of the four defensive line and Quintero or Enzo Pérez, Nacho Fernández, Palacios y Dear Martinez, front) or 4-3-2-1 (with Enzo Pérez or Nacho Fernández, Ponzio, Palacios; Quintero or Nacho Fernandez and Dear Martínez).

However, we should not rule out that Lucas Martínez Quarta is still in the team and Doll back up the scheme with five defenders, with the party joining in the middle of the field when River has the ball. In this case, he will leave Enzo Pérez on the bench and can add Nacho Fernandez is like that Dear playing more loosely and accompanying Lucas Pratto in the attack. This can be 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2, as used in Bombonera.

The names that seem to have insured places so far are: Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel, Jonatan Maidana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco, Ponzio, Palacios, Martinez and Pratto. Two names still need to be known although one of them can contribute to different variables in team formation, and also in tactics that Gallardo will decide to use for the Copa Libertadores final.

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