Monday , June 21 2021

Bona's fan came out to run meters from the Monumental River and it all ended with soccer blows

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Fan of Boca Juniors he decided to risk his identity to "mock" his eternal rival River Plate.

The story is as follows: In a preliminary match between the millionaire's votes and Racing in the Monumental, a man with Boca's shirt appeared in the vicinity of the stadium (Avenida Figueroa Alcorta).

As expected, one of the river fans stopped him and attacked him: "Tomatlas, bol …, tomato," he said.

The Boca fan responded to the strikes and a battle was formed. The police had to intervene to prevent a bigger situation happening.

When the uniforms separated the fans, the man continued to run in Boca's shirt and one of the policemen stopped him again.

– I shrink my shirt, pull off my shirt, stop! Take them, they hit me, "he exclaimed before the claims of the River fans.

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